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Softly, silently!

When I arrived at my photo shoot location, looking at the early morning sky, there were few clouds in the sky.

As I turned around, I noticed impressive clouds starting to make their way across the horizon. Their timing was perfect!

The fog was thick in patches when I left home. As I unpacked my photographic equipment I saw a light  cloud above the water, representing mist, but no fog.

Full tide was making way for the outgoing tide as I stepped into the water, wearing my waders.

I secured my tripod onto the boat ramp and positioned my camera ready for the shoot.

The sun resembled a thin red blister on the horizon, broadening into an impressive red band of fiery colour.

It is not too often that I’ve seen the water so calm. Barely a ripple. So soft, silent and calm.

As the sun was rising, the fishermen were releasing their boats into the water. Accompanied by the Pelicans.

This location is conveniently located close to home, in Brisbane, Australia.

During different phases of my photo shoot I used various filters.

My intentionality is to pack colour into my camera.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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