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Manly Yachts, Brisbane, Australia, this was the location where I first experimented with my new camera. What an exciting time it was. And continues to be.

The dynamics are interesting as far as photography is concerned as the sunrise breaks on the horizon whilst the shadows of the yachts create a stimulating line between light and darkness.

It is learning to balance the essence of the light without being over or under exposed. What a way to learn.

This area can be well populated by photographers, particularly during the winter months when the UV is favourable and the light is great. Usually with clouds, which add interest, particularly with reflections of the yachts on the water.

During low tide, I would slip into my waders and walk to the edge of the water, securing my camera and tripod onto the ground and witness the sunrise from the waters edge. Using my photographic filters to add warmth to the image.

A pathway, which is enjoyed by many, including cyclists, dogs and people, is extensive in length.

At times, I would stop to relax and enjoy breakfast after a photoshoot, appreciating camaraderie with people passing by.

My life as a Landscape Photographer is full of expectancy, joy and laughter. Sharing and caring with others, whilst discovering what they enjoy.

Photography is not just what I do, but it is who I am!

Thank you for appreciating my work!