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Slip Stream!

Incredibly calm conditions, influence and attract peace, don’t they?

This photo shoot was spent at Raby Bay, Cleveland, Australia. I arrived at my destination in good time, to set myself up and my photographic equipment, ready for the sunrise. When I saw the water so still, I was elated as it naturally attracts one to the peace portrayed in the image.

People came walking and jogging past as I secured my camera onto my tripod. The morning was cool and inspirational when I witnessed the sun rising and soaking the water with its brilliant light, I started my shoot capturing the effects of the sunlight on the water. Brilliant displays of light. I rotated my camera fairly regularly on my tripod during this shoot. Later, I used photographic filters to release a more natural effect. I liken photographic filters to putting on a good pair of sunglasses, reducing the glare.

As a Landscape Photographer I always wait for the warmth and effect of the colours to infuse the sky and water. The reflections were perfect due to the absence of a breeze. Peace is not the absence of a storm. But peace has authority in the storm. As you can see there wasn’t any activity amongst the boats. There was an occasional kayaker who stirred the water for a brief moment and it then returned to being perfectly still.

Photography is stimulating as there is always something to learn and that is how I grow as a Landscape Photographer, to give of my best during each photoshoot. My photographic equipment is of good quality and I use it to its fullest potential, developing and strengthening photographic instincts within me, being released without for you to enjoy.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Raby Bay, Cleveland, Australia