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What are you expecting today?

Where the mind goes the man follows!

Today I encourage you to change the landscape of your mind. Your thought processes. Take them captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

Have you been experiencing disappointments and opposition?

It is time to identify the root causes of the repititive issues, that are responsible for blocking or hindering your progress.

If good seed is sown into infertile soil. The results will be determined by the condition of the soil.

Incubation and germination are a result of good thoughts, cultivating a holy heart and letting go of what lies behind.

It is time to let others off the hook and to release some slack in your life. And those around you!

Be good to yourself. Believe what God says about you. He created you in His image.

Resist living in the shadow of others, their plans and their opinions of you, if negative, should not feature in your life.

To be free, you need to position yourself in the centre of God’s will.

My suggestion to you is to bless your enemies and to be intentional about activating your faith and advance into your God-given destiny!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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