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Seize the Day – “the waves became more boisterous”

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is Seize the Day, shot at Fingal Head in New South Wales, Australia.

From Clare’s Journal

When I think of Fingal Head, which is in Northern New South Wales, Australia, I immediately reflect on rushing water that surges, throbs and pulsates with indescribable power past rocks and displays an impressive spray of water as it erupts into the direction of Fingal Head Beach.

Recently I returned to Fingal Head where there is a diminutive light house. It has been some time since my visit to this exciting location. One of the reasons being COVID, it is across the border from where I live. And, until recently, the border has been closed.

Before I drove to Fingal Head, I researched the weather to the finest detail as weather conditions change regularly in that vicinity. When I knew it was good to go, I packed my car with my photographic equipment. The back of my vehicle represents my office as it houses most of my photographic-related items, apart from my quality camera, filters and tripod.

I was excited about the trip as it involves a walk in the dark, walking through dense bush to reach the rocks. Walking on my own, as a mature woman, with a tripod in my hands is always a form of defence. It’s amazing how the mind can work overtime when presented with a scenario such as I have described.

However, I was not going to permit fear to freeze me in the moment. I immediately got out of my vehicle, as I know procrastination can be a breeding ground for fear. I wore my waders, for good tread and being splash proof, a very good idea in a spot that is renowned for water being forced onto the rocks. 

With my camera bag on my back, and my tripod in my arms, I made my way, fighting fear, and determined to reach my destination. When I arrived at the little lighthouse and I felt safe. Soil erosion had worked its way into some areas of the coastline. But where I intended walking, it was secure.

Capturing the Shot

Two fishermen were on the cluster of rocks opposite me, that offered me peace of mind. I settled myself into my position on the rocks and prepared my lens to receive the filters. As night surrendered to the light of day, I recognised early that it was going to be a spectacular sunrise.

As the tide was starting to come in, the waves became more boisterous with time, but it was exhilarating. I ensured throughout the photoshoot that my camera and filters were safe. It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and to forget to wipe my filters clean. But I was vigilant as sea air clings to photographic filters in an environment such as Fingal Head.

This location is popular with fishermen and photographers. But I was fortunate that morning to have the rocks to myself. It’s all part of sharing the territory, but it’s ideal when one has an opportunity to use leverage and to have the availability of freedom of space to capture and to captivate, with the sense of being there, when the image is being viewed.

The clouds were intense in areas, releasing splashes of vivid colours whilst the sun soaked the sky permeated light and warmth across the horizon. Fingal Head is an accelerated place to upgrade my photographic skills as its power, pulse and performance packed into one.

When I packed away my camera, filters and tripod, I walked away feeling elated and excited, been entertained by God as He used a broad paintbrush to exhibit His beauty and various facets of colour. Indescribable! Inspirational! Indelible!

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