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Seek and you will Find!

The morning I captured this image at Glendhu Bay, South Island, New Zealand was warm and perfect.

I extended my photo shoot due to the calm conditions.

Arriving at sunrise, Lake Wanaka was smooth as glass and the light was dramatic, bursting forth from behind the mountain.

Each time I thought my shoot was due to end, I discovered a new angle or composition that was interesting.

This region of the lake, with perfect reflections and an azure sky, contrasted with gold leaves, is very deep.

I was amazed at how quickly it dropped in depth.

My tripod was only a few feet away from a radical gradient. So I treaded very carefully to capture this image.

Introducing warmth into a sometimes cool picture, enhances it and draws you into the image.

After an extended photo shoot, I packed up my tripod, camera and equipment and wandered to my vehicle.

As a landscape photographer, I do not compete with other photographers but my purpose is to persistently sharpen my photographic skills.

Sometimes it is as though I was born to have a camera in my hand.

That is not an arrogant statement.

It is my passionate purpose and pleasure to expose my heart and soul to you, through my work!

Thank you for liking my work!

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