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Seek and Find

This superb location was discovered after intentionally seeking new destinations to drive to for photoshoots.

As I use filters, the conditions need to be absolutely calm, so the absence of wind is paramount. On the morning of this photoshoot, I wore my waders, secured my camera onto my tripod and, as always, I wear my filter pouch around my waist for convenience. 

When I stepped into the water just before first light, with the tide rising, instinctively I knew it was going to be a sublime sunrise. The light started leaking across the horizon, in an instant I recognised the eruption of light before me was going to overflow across the horizon, whilst the reflections would represent a mirror image of the light emitting from the clouds and sky.

Carefully I reduced my tripod to an appropriate height, and I began clicking my shutter release button. The light was extraordinary as it soaked the water with perfect reflections. 

I treaded carefully through the water to change my compositions to add depth and variation to the superb sunrise conditions. As I walked away from that beautiful location, that lends itself to an atmosphere of paradise, I packed my camera equipment into my vehicle and knew that God had gifted me with something special.