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This image was captured at Kirra Beach Jetty, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

After a period of being unable to go on photoshoots, this was my first photoshoot in 6 weeks, due to personal reasons.

I was so excited when I witnessed the clouds coming in from the east, pre-dawn. More often than not, I can anticipate what the sunrise is going to be like when I see the cloud formations before sunrise.

It takes experience waiting and watching Nature, observing God’s hand perform incredible sunrises, using light that perforates through the clouds, of varying sizes and shapes, in recognising what He is going to do with each sunrise as it unfolds, so to speak.

The wind picked up and added extra interest. The jetty is a popular destination for fishermen and photographers, alike. Earlier, I stood on the other side of the jetty, facing east, and captured the sunrise before moving to the opposite side and photographing a totally different scene. The same sunrise, yet with different dynamics.

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