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Periodically I travel to the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, in Australia.

The morning of this shoot I had so much fun.

Although I arrived as the tide was coming in, it was a fairly gentle ‘rush’ to the rocks.

Which enabled me to manouevre my camera and tripod more often, offering more creativity with my photo shoot.

Even with the absence of clouds, the warmth of the sun immediately attracts your attention, whilst the dynamics of the waves, draw you into the image.

Fishermen gathered on the rocks just to my left and some cast their lines on the beach hoping for a good catch or two.

Fortunately wearing my waders I was able to draw closer to the waves and watch the water cascading over the rocks.

Sometimes, fairly dramatically, as in this image.

Water has an amazing effect on one, doesn’t it? Whether it be turbulent or calm!

Seascapes are inspirational and so stimulating to work in!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Clare Page Photography: Committed to Excellence!