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What an incredible photo shoot this was. From the start, the waves were big and intimidating.

But I thrive in those conditions. I walk tentatively across the generous rock shelf and position myself in a safe place. When the conditions are rough, with big waves, I study the tides. If the tide is coming in, and the waves are big, I don’t stand on the rock shelf as it is too precarious! Instead, I position myself on the concrete wall.

However, if the tide is going out, and I anticipate an opportunity to make a move onto the rocks, I do so safely and with agility! Wearing waders is an advantage, but they sometimes reduce my speed as they are a size 9 man’s boot!

But that adds to the challenge, particularly when the waves are big and God enables me to capture His power. Always a thrilling time, in exciting surf!

Thank you for appreciating my work!