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Ring in the Changes!

As the tide of 2016 makes an exit, the eve of 2017 is an opportunity to welcome in another New Year. What are you expecting?!

‘Letting go what lies behind and pressing towards the mark.’ Philippians 3:13.

It is time to be the change.

Walk into the unknown, stretch yourself, triumph through the trials and tears and break the barrier of fear.

Take time for yourself, unselfishly. Express yourself creatively. Celebrate you!

What is your dream? Allow God to birth it and breathe it, speak life into it!

Make up your mind to accomplish all that God has intended for you. Avoid procrastination and be accountable.

No one else is responsible for your destiny, but you! Your history does not determine your true identity or your future!

Time is money, but if it is spent just accruing wealth, the years and memories cannot be purchased. Resist regret!

Be kind, be patient and help those who are in need!

I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and peaceful 2017!