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The morning of this photoshoot was absolutely beautiful.

Everything was perfectly positioned. When the sun made an appearance, it cast a golden glow across the water. With the water being so still, you can see the reflections are distinctive.

My camera was very busy during this shoot. In moments, like this, I value, even though I’m busy focusing on the sun, water and cloud activity.

This picture can be likened to life, particularly at the beginning of another year.

What is the rhythm of your heartbeat for 2018?

Are you constantly looking back or have you decided to gain momentum this year in everything you do and to accomplish far over and above that which is available for you?

Run your own race. Complete, but do not compete.

Equip and empower others, resist the temptation to compare yourself with anyone, at any given time.

You are as unique as your fingerprint.

Get up, get out and determine to be the difference in your world!

Whatever shape and form that may be to you!

Life is too short for regrets and unforgiveness and unfinished business!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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