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Rising early in the morning, with ease, is an advantage being a Landscape Photographer. I have always found getting out of bed early, easy. Well mostly, except in those decidedly cold mornings when my bed is more appealing.

Since I have been home-sitting my friend’s home, it has been a fantastic experience doing my photo shoots at Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia. It is lively, full of wonderful people, some of which I have been acquainted with due to my frequent visits there.

In an instant, I know when a sunrise is going to be out of the ordinary and this was one particular morning when the sun, clouds and reflections were outstanding. This image was captured during the latter part of my shoot.

There is a jetty at Wellington Point which I use as an interesting feature but I sometimes alter my focal length on my camera, to exclude the jetty, to mix things up a bit and to offer variety. There is something about the warmth of a gold sunrise or sunset that draws you into the picture so to speak, isn’t there?

The tide was full, offering a depth to the reflections in the water. As I stepped into the water, wearing my waders, on the outer fringes, I immediately started clicking my camera button. The light changed frequently which involved concentration and changing several photographic filters. Photography is what captures my imagination and my passion is to draw the relevance from what I’m photographing, to ‘speak’ to you.

Many of my morning photo shoots have been accompanied by a friendly group of energetic people who prepare themselves for the day by being active as the sun is rising. They have inspired me with their diligence, even during the winter months and having fun whilst keeping fit. That is inspirational! The recreational facilities at Wellington Point are excellent. People appreciate the sunrise or sunset whilst having a BBQ or a cooked breakfast. Now that is refreshing.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Wellington Point, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia