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Some locations are so extraordinary, you know you want to return.

Bob’s Cove, situated on the Queenstown/Glenorchy Road, South Island, New Zealand, is one of those destinations.

I had driven past the signs to Bob Cove often enough and seen the picturesque setting featured on InstaGram.

Leaving Wanaka early, I arrived at Bob’s Cove just as morning light was making an appearance.

Stepping into my waders and spraying myself with insect repellent, a must, particularly during the summer months, due to sand flies.

With my camera a bag on my back and my camera and tripod in my arms, I made my way to Bob’s Cove.

Because I wasn’t acquainted with the area, I was unsure of the tracks that weave around the area.

I always do my research of an area before I visit it, but I overlooked the relevance of studying the paths and their directions.

Fortunately it was not hot and humid as I made my way around some steep climbs, wearing my waders, but the effort was worth it.

When I arrived at the top of the ‘hill’, the scenery was breathtaking as you can see by looking at this image.

At sunrise, I had Bob’s Cove to my left and Lake Wakatipu to my right. It was a memorable sight.

Later on, I walked down into the lake, at Bob’s Cove, and completed my photo shoot there.

The photographic conditions were perfect, with good light and calm water, with brilliant reflections.

Thank you for appreciating my work!