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Lake Moke, Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand, is a remarkable location at any time of the year. On each occasion I have visited Lake Moke, in different seasons, I have never been disappointed. It is spectacular.

It is a gorgeous photo shoot location, to arrived at your destination involves travelling on a narrow, winding gravel road which wraps itself around Lake Kirkpatrick, the first lake you approach before you lay your eyes on the spectacular Lake Moke. The Lake is in a valley, almost representing a ‘bowl’. It is hot there for the brief summer months of South Island, New Zealand, and equally as cold in the more lean temperature months.

South Island, New Zealand, is a world in one country. It is advisable to have enough warm clothing with you as, even on warm days, the weather can become decidedly cooler in an instant. On each occasion I have arrived at Lake Moke, the scene before me literally takes my breath away. Leaving me speechless with its obvious beauty.

This was the first time I captured Lake Moke. It was towards the end of August, which is one of the coldest months in New Zealand. I decided to arrive before sunrise and drove with extreme caution on the roads due to the icy conditions. My vehicle is very safe. I pulled over safely on the side of the narrow road and stepped out of my car and stood in awe and wonder of God’s beauty: the star-studded sky. Beautiful beyond description.

At dawn, I was at the ready with my camera, secured on my tripod and photographic filters. As a Landscape Photographer, I love the silence of the country, listening to the Morpork Owl, and stepping into the peripheral of the lake, in my waders. To be honest, I secured myself and my camera and tripod on impressive grass mounds at the edge of the lake. And waited for the sun to make an appearance and to light the landscape around me. The moment the sun rose over the snow-capped mountains, my camera button was very active. reflections that literally ‘pop out’ at you!

Photography is not just what I do, but it’s who I am!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Lake Moke, South Island, New Zealand