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Come with me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photoshoot.

I left home early on the morning of this photoshoot. The drive to this destination is good early in the morning. The traffic is light which makes for easy driving.

When I arrived at The Spit, I put my waders on and fastened my photographic filters around my waist for ease of use. I carried my tripod, with my camera secured on it, over my shoulder.

The weather conditions were perfect. The tide was receding. I made my way to the shoreline. Instinctively I knew the sunrise was going to be good.

As the light cracked across the horizon the depth of the hues of the colours of the clouds were amazing. They almost took my breath away.

I prepared my tripod by securing it in the sand. I slipped one of my photographic filters across my lens and started shooting. The intensity of the colours on the sand increased as the light became more obvious.

That morning I was fortunate as I was the only photographer on the beach which enabled me to use the space well. I experimented with various heights of my tripod. I also changed the direction and focal length of my camera.

During the latter part of the sunrise, the colours of the clouds over the jetty were indescribable. So were the effects that they had across the water.

It’s a photoshoot I will remember for some time to come.