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What a photo shoot, it was truly memorable. The landscape is breathtaking.

This shot is taken from Roaring Meg, South Island, New Zealand, on the outskirts of Queenstown, looking towards the Remarkables mountain range.

The name Roaring Meg originates from a ‘professional’ lady who became well acquainted with the gold miners at the time.

Although the weather conditions were icy, and snow falling on the Crown Range overnight, it was a serendipitous drive as the ice ‘overflowed’ onto the road. It was worth it!

The sunrise and the landscape were breathtaking. Sometimes the light changes within an instant.

But this particular morning, the light broke through the clouds and clung to the clouds creating a lasting impact.

I did not mind the freezing conditions as I was too busy pressing my shutter release on my camera to notice.

The pathway leads your eye to the intense morning light on the mountain. Both warmth and coolness is blended.

This image was captured this last week, on the eve of my departure from New Zealand to Australia.

Landscape photography challenges me in a positively powerful way and I am passionate about pursuing what God has called and chosen me to be and do!

Thank you for liking my work!

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