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What refreshes you?

This image could be any bay in the world. The location is Raby Bay, Cleveland, Australia.  After enjoying a very special photo shoot where I captured the yachts at sunrise at Raby Bay, Cleveland, Australia, I decided to have my breakfast, whilst I was appreciating my meal, I noticed a bench that was positioned under a tree, near the waters edge. It was an immediate invitation to appreciate the significant moment of relaxing whilst attracted to the myriad of dancing ‘diamonds’ on the water that scintillated in the sunlight.

Sometimes moments like these, beckon, when we stop long enough to recognise them. Food for thought! After refreshing myself with something to eat and recognising the opportunity for another photoshoot I reached for my camera, tripod and photographic equipment and made my way to this idyllic bay.

It was a moment in time when I sat on the beach, I lowered my tripod, and moved my camera to best capture the perfect conditions. Using filters to accurately portray the beauty before me. The sand was pristine, whilst the tide was coming in, the contrast between the sand and the water is invigorating. It suggests going for a dip, doesn’t it? Landscape Photography relaxes and stimulates me depending on what I am photographing. On a day like the one in this image, time stood still for me and for others appreciating this secluded spot.

In this vicinity there are a number of outdoor BBQ gas cookers and seating perfectly positioned to appreciate the spectacular scenery. During the weekends and school holidays it is packed with fun, sun-loving people.

My intentionality as a Landscape Photographer is to persistently pursue perfecting my craft. Photography is not what I do, but who I am. It defines my passion for people and creation and travel. Sometimes one doesn’t need to travel too far to acquire incredible beauty, such as what is at Raby Bay.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Raby Bay, Cleveland, Australia