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Low tide can be as interesting as high tide.

Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia is one of my favourite locations.

During each photoshoot at this location, I anticipate something out of the ordinary to happen.

At low tide, one is able to stroll along the expansive sand strip, walking to King Island is more than pleasurable!

As I turned around, I saw the fascinating cloud formation and colours that immediately drew my attention.

I lowered my tripod and clicked my camera, optimising the gorgeous reflections of the clouds.

Wearing waders is an advantage during low tide.

The dogs were playing catch with their balls as a lady and I exchanged stories.

My passion is for God, people, nature and travel. That is what I love about being a Landscape/Seascape Photographer.

Water has an instant appeal, doesn’t it?

What is your favourite time of the day?

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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