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Think on the good things. Focus on the positive. How are your thoughts reflecting your behaviour?

It is time to fill your soul with every good thing available from God, for you.

Our thoughts, first thing in the morning, can influence our mood for the remainder of the day. Stop it, if they’re negative!

Determine before your crack your duvet first thing in the morning, before your feet hit the floor, to thank God for 10 things each morning.

Set the atmosphere you’re in, in faith.

Lift your head, straighten your shoulders, sing a song, “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice.”

Sing it with intentionality, as it sets the framework of your day in a joy-filled, positive beat.

In everything give thanks.

Are you reflecting on the yesteryear, nostalgia? Isn’t it ‘funny’ when we experience opposition, our mind wants to resort to past memories.

But it doesn’t remind you of the pain associated with that time!

Resist the temptation to settle in the reflection of seasons of loss, friends, possessions, etc.

Personally, I did that for a considerable time and I harvested a sense of sorrow and mourning.

I am not suggesting not mourning for your loved ones or for thinking of any other form of loss.

But if we camp on those thoughts for an extended time, they will more than likely overstay their welcome.

Some habits have a way, like deception and nostalgia, of creeping in slowly until the trickle can become a flood.

The resistance to move from it involves more discipline to be set free from it.

Look forward to the future, whilst you enjoy the present, as today is a gift, maximise it.

Every moment is memorable, every minute, miraculous!

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