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Location: Jacks Point, Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand.

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I drove to Jacks Point from where I was staying, in Queenstown, which was convenient. Arriving at Jacks Point as sunrise was about to make an appearance, I had no time to waste. Wearing waders on most of my shoots is advantageous as I can wade into the water, layered with clothing as I am, in New Zealand, without getting wet. I navigated around the impressive growth of Carex grass and flax, growing on the peripheral of the lake.

Jacks Point is an exclusive estate with a golf club house. It is recognised for its golf fairways and of course the Remarkable Mountain range as a spectacular backdrop. I secured my tripod and camera into the water and lowered the tripod legs to maximise the reflections on the surface of the water.

The conditions were superb. Still and calm, apart from ducks warmly welcoming the new day with a cacophony of sound, piercing the airwaves, but delightful to witness in action. The warm glow of sunlight, transforming the sky into a kaleidoscope, in hues of pinks, blues and yellow. It truly was a moment standing still in time for me.

In the rush of life, it necessitates we feed our soul with God’s creative brilliance. For a time such as this!

Thank you for appreciating my work!