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Cove Park, Gold Coast, Australia, is nestled between Oxenford and Coomera, Gold Coast, Australia.

It is secluded and peaceful, although it is in close proximity to a busy Motorway.

This lake and park are very popular at all times, but particularly early in the morning.

Joggers and walkers alike indulge in the surrounding beauty and stretch themselves out for the day.

I was fortunate in having a calm morning such as reflected in this image.

Turning my camera away from the direct sunlight, and adjusting my focal length, (bringing the landscape closer), adds warmth to the image.

The wisps of clouds add interest.

My camera is secure and positioned on its tripod, whilst it’s very close to the water, to capture and maximise the effect of the light and reflections.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Images are available on my website, as framed and unframed.