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Some sunrises just stand out for every good reason and this sunrise fitted that category!

Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia, has been my playground for the last few months where I have been fortunate enough to house-sit a friend’s home. I have been able to travel to this beautiful and versatile destination. It is versatile apart from a different sunrise and sunset daily, if offers a landscape photographer, as myself, so many opportunities to shoot sunrises and sunsets all within walking distance.

As you can see, the jetty is a lovely feature and the clouds are beautifully reflected on the water. Doesn’t colour make a big difference, in every facet, including the clouds? The gold of the sun across the water was intense. The tide was just going out. I stepped into the water, wearing my waders, and with the stillness of the water, the conditions were perfect for shooting. I lowered my tripod and with my camera secured on my tripod, I instantly started clicking my camera button. I used photographic filters to introduce warmth.

Wellington Point is a favourite with the public, including the fishermen. Depending on the tide, they usually head out to sea in impressive numbers leaving behind expectant Pelicans and Seagulls. Photographing a sunrise such as this one, involves the Landscape Photographer thinking quickly on their feet as the light is constantly changing. As a Landscape Photographer, I love the opportunity to capture images with what I call ‘organic compositions’. Photographic technicalities are essential, but personally I believe creativity in photographic composition is just as important. Capturing that ‘wow’ moment! Which is interpreted differently by so many people.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia