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In each new day, I have always been fascinated how the night surrenders to the day.

Night time, darkness: represents the absence of light.

Whatever you do, position yourself in the Light of Christ.

Resisting shadows from descending over your life.

Stand up straight, irrespective of your past, put your shoulders back, head up high and advance into your God-given destiny.

Be radiant, arise and shine, in who you were created to be.

Stop cloning others. Appreciate your uniqueness. You are as wonderful as your fingerprints.

Don’t be a public chameleon. Being one thing with one person and another, with someone else.

People pleasing and people approval are burdensome. They usually originate in rejection and abandonment!

Seek your True Identity in Jesus Christ, and not in humanity.

Put an end to being a victim of circumstance by surrendering your will to God’s will.

He will reveal to you, through His Word, how to live according to His Will.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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