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Home 5 Journal 5 Quickening!


This photoshoot location has been my playground for the last few months as I have been housesitting our friend’s home.

Sunset at Wellington Point, Queensland, Australia, with gorgeous golds, clouds that are beautifully illuminated. What a way to end the day.

The tide was coming in. I dressed in my waders and waded out to meet the water. I moved my tripod and camera as the tide made its way to shore.

People were enjoying the last rays of the day, with the water splashed with bright sunlight like liquid gold.

Dogs were barking and running excitedly with their ‘families’, walking towards King Island.

King Island is a great destination when the tide is low. It is very popular and an enjoyable and scenic walk.

The sand bar, at low tide, offers good exercise for the body and soul.

This area is very popular when the equinox winds commence, with windsurfers and surf kites, as I call them.

They are wonderful to watch, acknowledging their sheer expertise in accelerated wind speeds.

I lowered my tripod into the water, with a firm grip on my camera as it was fairly close to the surface of the water.

There is a peace associated with the stillness at sunrise and sunset, isn’t there?

Using my photographic filters offers warmth and a natural glow to the image.

Landscape photography is who I am and not just what I do! My passion!

Thank you for appreciating my work!