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Fingal Head, New South Wales, Australia, is an incredible location to do a photoshoot.

It is packed with action, usually strong winds, sea spray, and waves that crash persistently against the rocks. But I love it!

Before I unpack my photographic equipment, I study the rhythm of the ocean. Observing the wind direction, its strength and the effect it is having on the waves.

I’m always filled with expectancy and excitement when I arrived at Fingal Head. It’s a destination that sharpens my photographic skills!

One needs to be well prepared before releasing your lens cap, as the spray from the waves usually settles on the glass lens filter.

This morning, when I captured this shot, I was flanked by two male photographers.

Leaving home early and arriving before first light has its advantages as it secures a good spot. A great photographic perspective, particularly with a wide angle lens.

Once I’d removed my lens cap, I was committed, and for some time, the concentration involved is fairly intense, but I thrive on that.

As I shoot everything on manual, ensuring my focus is sharp, and removing filters, is always fun, when changing my focal length.

Focal length draws an object up close, or further away.

There were three fishermen which added interest. They ‘hop’ onto the rocks during low tide. My respect for them is immense!

Thank you for appreciating my work!