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Pretty as a Picture!

Fine Art Photography, is an art form

It’s an expression of capturing nature that is organic, with colours, reflections and landscapes that resonate with the soul!

As a landscape photographer, my intentionality is to always pay attention to what I’m about to capture on my photo shoots.

Composition goes hand in hand with the technical aspects of photography.

Landscape photography, unlike studio photography, is unpredictable as it’s associated with weather and light.

I thrive on the challenges that nature presents to me, in every facet of it.

“That Wanaka Tree’,  is a Willow variety, as its name suggests, it is located in Lake Wanaka, Wanaka, New Zealand.

That’s according to the legend of the tree. It was a fence post placed in that position by a farmer. The rest is history.

Vertical shots are interesting, they have a place and a purpose, both in a photographic sense as well as from a decor perspective.

They are appropriate in areas that could be considered more compact. Perfect for the right room in the home or office.

The advange of waders is that I can walk into Lake Wanaka and capture different dimensions.

Poplar trees are striking against the vivid blue water where the reflections are perfect.

I use filters and my camera shutter speed to manipulate my images, creating interesting colours and at times, effects.

In the absence of clouds and snow, the warmth of the trees contrast beautifully with the water.

Of course, the most effective colours burst forth as the sun soaks the trees.

It is at this tree, I have had interesting conversations from photographers from all over the world.

Photography is my passion as are people and travel. They blend beautifully together!

Thank you for liking my work!

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