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Come with me as I unpack the experiences associated with this photo shoot.

Glenorchy is such an incredible destination. Driving from Queenstown to Glenorchy takes approximately one hour. However, if you are a landscape photographer, it could take longer.

On the morning of this photo shoot, I left Queenstown with plenty of time to spare. In the dark, the infamous tourist road, calls for common sense and caution. The condition of the road is good, but it has some tight bends. And the rabbits like the headlights!

I arrived in Glenorchy with a star-studded sky revealing its splendour. The weather conditions were perfectly calm. As I walked onto the jetty, I noticed ice on the higher mountain peaks. I chose to shoot from the other end of the jetty. A change is as good as a holiday.

As I use photographic filters, I did not take into account the diving platform which was moving, every so slightly, which caused it to blur. Sometimes, the small things can confiscate our joy, as a distraction. My intention was to be transparent about a blurred object, but it does not deter from the beauty that surrounds it.

Later in the photo shoot, I was able to adjust my focal length and improve my shots without including the diving platform.

I walked away from that photo shoot wiser in what to look for during each shoot and how to improve on my photographic techniques.