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Picture Yourself Here!

This image was captured during my last sunrise photoshoot standing on Ponte Vecchio.

As a Landscape Photographer, I look forward to each sunrise and sunset, in various locations.

I knew this morning was going to be something special, having had a memorable time in Florence, Italy.

My tripod and camera are always ready before the sun makes an appearance.

Standing on Ponte Vecchio, expecting a spectacular sunrise, whilst appreciating the silence of the morning and the sensational landscape. Lingering memories!

The light and reflections were absolutely beautiful. The river was calm, whilst the streets were emptied of people.

Ponte Vecchio pulsates with humanity during the day. Particularly at sunset.

The hues of gold dispersed over the city are almost breathtaking.

There is a sense of excitement as the day draws to a close!

It was summertime when I captured this image, advancing towards the longest day, with steamy evenings, accompanied by laughter and joy.

Memorable moments.

Thank you for liking my work!

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