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Perseverance Pays!

So often when breakthrough is imminent, there is a ‘force’ of opposition that comes against you.

It is during this time, that you need to keep your faith in God, believe in His Word and never give up believing that God will come through for you.

During this photoshoot the waves were impressive in size, powerful and unpredictable.

At times, there appeared to be a ‘vacuum’ when the water receded unusually so far out and then came in like a flood.

I likened the motion of the ocean this particular morning, to the strategies of the Devil and his evil intention to trip us up.

The concentration involved with using my equipment and observing the unpredictable motion of the ocean was intense.

Often, when I’d secured a respectable shot, a rogue wave would arrive unexpectedly and almost wipe myself and my equipment out.

Whilst I was experiencing successive bombardment from the powerful waves, I asked God to give me an opportunity to capture the red hues that were soaked across the morning sky.

He answered my prayer which enabled me to have a window of opportunity to seize the moment and draw from God’s inspirational beauty. I got the photos I asked God for.

All things are possible with God, only believe.

Thank you for liking my work!

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Location: Cabarita Beach, New South Wales, Australia