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Whilst visiting Mt Aspiring National Park recently on a photo shoot I was in pursuit of discovering new things to shoot.

Without intending to be misunderstood, the landscape and scenery in this National Park is spectacular.

I was looking for what nature had to offer, that was out of the ordinary.

So often we live at such an accelerated rate as we race through the day!

As I moved with intentionality and became one with the inspirational landscape, I resisted the urge to rush through my photo shoot.

Thoughtfully, I crossed the Matukituki River, which was pulsating with power.

However I was determined to get to the other side of the river and to experience new found territory.

With my camera and my tripod in my hand and my filters attached to my belt, I purposefully walked slowly to gain my ground across the rocks and pebbles.

It was worth the effort. I secured my tripod and camera on the sand as this beautiful pond attracted my attention.

As you can see, it perfectly reflected the mountains nearby.

Although the pond was not impressive in size, the quality of the reflection was perfect.

Landscape photography is always about experiencing the moment and accurately portraying it in an image.

I am at one with my camera, and as a landscape photographer it is my passion to express nature in its true form.

My purpose is to reflect the wonder of creation and to inspire people, like you, expressing who you are and what it means to you!

Every picture tells a story, what is your story?

Thank you for liking my work!

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