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Peace in the Midst of the Storm!

I will praise God in the midst of my storm!

It’s a choice I have made.

Over an extended season of testing, I have made up my mind, to live in agreement with God and the outcome He has destined for me!

I believe it, I see it and I walk in it!

When the waves of life crash against me with pressure and opposition rises, I continue to give thanks to God!

Sometimes it is a time of walking one step in front of the other, but I determine to  praise God!

As difficulties rise up against me, I stand and rejoice and exalt in His Holy Name!

During my midnight hour, I position myself in praise, decree and call forth that which has not yet been manifested before my eyes.

But I believe all things are being released to me in God’s timing.

All things are possible with God, only believe.

There is no other way that releases joy in the midst of the storm.

Believing in Who God is and worshipping Him.