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They say, “Life is what you make of it!”

Essentially, that is true. But I also apply that to my photoshoots, particularly if there are no clouds present.

I make the most of the conditions, extracting every good thing from what I have at hand.

Experimentation is essential in life. Otherwise it can become too much of the same thing.

Using creative thinking, I explore, expand and enjoy using my camera to is maximum. Pushing the boundaries.

How do we develop and grow if we do the same things, expecting new results?

The waves are soaked in the glow of the sunrise, whilst the bubbles on the surface of the water, add interest.

This shot was captured at Avoca Beach, Central Coast, Australia. A beach that is popular with surfers and bathers.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Framed and unframed images are available on my website: clarepagephotography.com