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Location: Coronet Peak, South Island, New Zealand.

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I drove from Queenstown, to Coronet Peak at lunch time. The weather had been unpredictable with frequent squalls, which I favour as the moodiness of the clouds always add interest.

Driving up towards Coronet Peak, it started snowing. The conditions did not require snow chains. Three other vehicles were in front of me, which was reassuring. When we arrived at the top of Coronet Peak, we all got out of our vehicles and had fun in the snow.

The ski field was closed for the season. It was interesting to note the size of the snow flakes, they were impressive in size.

Once I’d had my fun, in the snow, I drove with intentionality down the mountain and discovered an excellent spot to do a photoshoot. So, in-between the squalls, I captured some very special scenes. It was freezing cold and frequently wet, with the persistent squalls, but I thrive in those conditions.

My vehicle was parked close by and when I anticipated a patch of rain about to be released, I ran for cover with my photographic equipment. Lake Wakatipu can just be seen peeking in the distance, covered by clouds.

Thank you for appreciating my work!