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New Beginnings!

At the start of 2018, what are your dreams and aspirations? What is your intentionality in becoming who God created you to be?

What steps are you going to make and take to advance into what is your Divine destination?

The day I captured this image at Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, was perfect in every way.

I did a spontaneous photo shoot where I didn’t use a tripod as my intention was to view this spectacular view from my camera lens.

Whenever I choose to shoot from a new location, I always do a pre-shoot, enabling me to accurately view the landscape or seascape from my camera lens.

It was a spontaneous decision to drive to Byron Bay and it paid off as the conditions, as you can see, were perfect.

So often in life, the best decisions that are made are spontaneous decisions. At times, involving calculated risks.

The perspective from my camera lens is contrasted from seeing the same area from a human perspective.

How do you perceive matters in life?

Look a litter closer, make an inspection if there are any blurred areas where you may need to sharpen your perception, offering clearer insight.

Have a fabulous 2018!

Thank you for appreciating my work!