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New Beginnings!

Wategos Beach, New South Wales, Australia, is always a destination that I eagerly await to return to. It holds a special place in my heart.

I left home during the early hours of the morning, as this wonderful location is in another State, during the winter months it is on the same time zone as Queensland, where I live.

Arriving at Wategos Beach, pre-dawn I enjoyed a cup of tea as first light was making an appearance across the horizon. I instinctively knew it was going to be an incredible shoot.

Wearing my waders, I walked to the water’s edge and secured my tripod in the sand and started clicking immediately, using a long shutter speed and filters to maximise the effect of what I was capturing.

This is the most easterly land mass in Australia, with an impressive lighthouse up on the hill. There is something about Wategos Beach that represents a slice of paradise to me.

It is distinctly ‘cut off’ from nearby Byron Bay, although the hill overlooking the sea, boasts homes that are priceless in the real sense due to their view of the ocean. Wategos Beach is popular with surfers and walkers who meander up to the lighthouse, walking up at an impressive gradient, to reach their destination.

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