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Moving Mountains!

Mount Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand, is one of my favourite photoshoot destinations.

I stood in the river and captured this shot. The river was fairly shallow, but fast flowing, with rapids before me.

The thought occurred to me, how often we become entangled in thought processes of surrendering to defeat, fear, anxiety etc.?!

In Christ, our True Identity, we need to speak to the mountains and move them, with mustard-sized faith in God!

It is time to be the change and to walk in your Godly authority.

Take authority over anything that is attempting to steal your God-given joy and peace.

You can have peace in the storm, in Christ. He commanded there to be peace in the storm.

We are inclined to focus on the ‘mountain’ and not the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, Who dwells within us, as born-again believers.

It is time to stop believing in the lies of the devil.

How, you ask? By praying, listening to God and reading God’s Word.

His Truth will reflect within you, and uproot anything that is not of God in your life!

Stand strong, do not be moved by your circumstances. They must bow their knee, in the Name of Jesus!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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