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More than just a Picture!

I am passionate about people, photography and travel, in equal measure.

As a landscape photographer I’m aware of the discipline that is involved in what I’m called to be and do!

With intentionality I prepare my photo shoots to the finest detail, including my equipment. Preparation is paramount!

The majority of my time is spent capturing inspirational scenery, either city or landscape, particularly during the Winter and Spring months.

Naturally the light is perfect, UV is reduced and the scenery is conducive to the weather conditions.

Winter trees, when skeletal, in specific light, are spectacular.

My purpose is always to incorporate light which introduces warmth, even in the bleakest conditions.

Sheets are cracked open before dawn, irrespective of the weather conditions and layers of clothing put on, to effectively repel the cold.

I’m on the road very early to reach my destination just at the light is about to break on the horizon.

Sometimes, catching the Subway, gliding along the rails at an impressive speed. Standing solitary in icy conditions, with severe chill factors.

I hope that my words ‘frame’, in your imagination, the dedication and discipline it takes to capture something special!

It is worth it!

Thank you!

DUMBO – New York.