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Moonlight Serenade!

Isn’t amazing how we can be accustomed to doing the same things, the same way, without considering an alternative?

I suppose you can call it routine!

This morning I went for an early morning shoot.

As I faced east and positioned myself for capturing the sunrise, my response was, ‘why not shoot the setting moon?!’

Immediately I turned around and was amazed by the beauty before me that was not evident when I arrived at the lake as it was so early.

The wind picked up as usual, just before sunrise and the lake represented an ocean.

The momentum of the waves in the lake did not deter me.

I altered my focal length and realigned myself for a more appropriate position as the mountains had a light dusting of snow on them overnight.

The intensity of the sky contrasted perfectly with the setting moon.

Some of the later shots I captured this morning were simply extra-ordinary!

I intend posting some of them at a later date.

Do you appreciate early morning walks, witnessing the wonders of nature?


Thank you for liking my work!