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Moonlight Serenade!

I left home during the early hours of the morning to drive to Wategos Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

My timing was perfect. I arrived at Wategos Beach whilst the full moon was soaking the ocean with silver/soft gold light.

In all my adventures involving my photoshoots, I have never witnessed anything as beautiful and as unique, as that moment.

It did not take me long to walk to the water’s edge, the tide was coming in whilst the water lapped at my feet, almost lethargically.

But don’t be fooled, because God does what He has already intended. I noticed how rapidly the tide was coming in behind me.

The area I initially stood in, was becoming turbulent with the momentum of the waves.

In the distance, I noticed the calmness of the water, almost soothing, it was so calm as it made its way to shore.

With that, I positioned my tripod just above the water and God blessed me with some memorable shots.

My waders were well and truly wet when I finished my shoot.

No words or pictures could truly convey the depth of the beauty that was before me yesterday morning.

God is truly remarkable. I was so honoured and humbled that I could be a part of His Creative Brilliance in a moment such as that!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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