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Mission Accomplished!

As my time draws to a close as a Landscape Photographer in New Zealand, it is time to reflect on this past year.

It has been one to remember for every good reason.

Leaving the shores of Australia and arriving to the spectacular landscapes of South Island, New Zealand, was an instant mindset change.

Capturing seascapes in Australia is totally contrasted to the lakes, mountains and rivers in this beautiful country.

Not difficult, but different.

Considering the ‘lean’ temperatures I’ve experienced, the lowest being -7 decrees C, develops character, whilst it has refined my photographic skills.

Wading in rivers with opposing rapids, mountaineering up impressive inclines and stepping into lakes which are almost overwhelming associated with the frigid water temperatures.

Arriving in isolated locations in icy conditions and stepping out into the darkness, it takes courage!

When Clare Page Photography was registered, I was quietly confident success would happen overnight. Success, or accomplishing your dream, involves discipline, faith and diligence!

It has been a single-minded focus on establishing my ‘fingerprint’ on God’s Creation, His impression on my images, and not just ‘wishing’ it would happen.

In high tourist areas, I’m in the minority as a mature female landscape photographer, which is dominated by males. I’m not sexist, but there are times when I need to stand my ground. And I do!

My stepping out of Lake Wanaka in this image, represents a coming of age as a landscape photographer.

It is time …. to not just do, but to be the best I can be, and to cultivate joy and purpose for others along the way!

Clare Page Photography: An intelligent investment!