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Home 5 Journal 5 Miraculous!


This morning I drove to one of my favourite locations, Cove Park, Gold Coast, Australia.

As I walked to my spot, where I have created a ‘seat’ using rocks, which is made more comfortable by sitting on a cushion.

Navigating my way down the sharp rocks to my ‘seat’ is quite a feat, particularly when the rocks are moist! But it’s worth it, every time!

I looked at the early morning sky and, although I didn’t see too many clouds, as first light cracked, I knew it was going to be an inspirational photoshoot.

Making myself comfortable and preparing my photographic equipment, I was ready for the incredible light display God was going to release. I was expectant and excited!

It did not take too long for the light to weave through the clouds, as the clouds were moving, each ‘set’ of clouds was a marvel in the making.

When I arrived home and witnessed the wonderful handiwork of God, I was grateful to God for getting me out of bed early enough to capture His indescribable beauty.

Thank you for appreciating my work.

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