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Mountains represent strength whilst they command attention.  I love them and appreicate the significance of them as I stand in awe and wonder of the Creator of the Universe, God! The power and might as you stand and ‘absorb’ their beauty, is mighty indeed!

Mt Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand is one of my favourite playgrounds to do photo shoots. I lived in close proximity to this incredible National Park. It was always a wonderful drive, meandering through the various farmlands, sometimes stopping for cattle who had decided to rest in the road. Life is intentional and packed with quality in this part of the world. The road is gravel and at times it impacts your travelling due to its unpredictable rough surface. I have travelled on this road during the early hours of the morning which required avoiding cattle as they huddled together to retain some form of warmth.

This wonderful National Park changes with the seasons, of course. I have seen the mountains with the absence of snow, whilst on the other hand, I’ve witnessed it with snow capped peaks. The morning I captured this image, as you can see, there was a light dusting of snow. I pulled off on the side of the road, ensuring safety and as always, I have my photographic equipment at the ready. Treble Cone featured in this image is renowned for its skiing. I can support that statement as I have experienced the view from the ski slopes, as a Landscape Photographer.

With my camera secured to my tripod, I walked across the field to best reflect the mood of the mountains. The conditions were calm and perfect for photography. As a Landscape Photographer, I appreciate the country, and on this occasion, I was walking amongst the sheep who were bleating and quite content for me to accompany them. My intentionality as a Landscape Photographer is to ‘transport’ you to the place and space I have occupied, in releasing warmth to every image, even if it involves snow. Although it was cold, I was always warmly dressed for my photo shoots, making it comfortable in those cold conditions.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Mt Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand