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This location, Fingal Head, is located in New South Wales, Australia.

I had seen images of it before and I had a longing to capture it myself.

Fortunately I have moved closer to the coast, enabling me to travel to the coast with ease.

It still involved being on the road at 2.30am to reach my destination and prepare myself for my photoshoot before sunrise.

As a Landscape Photographer, I love the challenges that arise in different locations.

Fingal Head involved descending down a fairly steep bank and securing myself on the rocks, fairly close to the precipice, to ensure appropriate capture of the impressive rock formations.

My tripod’s legs were extended, whilst it was reduced to it lowest height.

As you can imagine, being positioned near a precipice on slippery rocks, was quite something, in getting my composition arranged.

I always change my composition during my photoshoots, depending on what the clouds or waves are doing.

From the start, my camera button was clicking, using photographic filters to introduce warmth to each image.

That is another thing, I change my filters according to the light. Introducing interest whilst changing the dynamics of the moment.

The light changed radically during the morning of this photoshoot. The sunrise was short, sharp and incredibly beautiful. I will remember it for some time to come.

Sitting on the rocks, I was able to cast a glance behind me and re-direct my camera to focus on the Queensland coastline, Coolangatta, in particular. What a beautiful coastline, particularly when it is cloudy with the sun piercing through it.

Clouds always add interest to an image.

After my photoshoot, I packed up my photographic equipment, put my camera bag on my back and made my way up the fairly steep bank with my tripod as a support, returning to my vehicle.

It was worth the journey. I have returned since then.

Fingal Head is fairly isolated and rugged, but incredible, in every facet.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Fingal Head, New South Wales, Australia