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Memorable moments!

Wilson Bay is on the peripheral of Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand.

It is located on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Road.

The mountains rise up to meet you as you stand on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, where you appreciate how mighty those mountain ranges are.

I was fortunate the morning I captured this image as the weather conditions were perfect.

Arriving at my destination, pre-dawn, I like to get ‘settled’ in before I start my shoot.

Wearing my waders, in almost complete dark conditions, I stepped into Lake Wakatipu.

There was a considerable amount of activity in the car park with a host of cyclists gathering as a group.

Standing quietly in the dark, I stood in awe and wonder of the star-studded sky and the Milky Way.

As the light broke the early morning sky and the reflections started making an appearance, I commenced with clicking my camera button.

It is so convenient having all my equipment on me whilst I shoot.

I discovered using my filter bag wrapped around my waist saves invaluable time as I have no need to leave the water until I have completed my photoshoot.

During foggy conditions I ensure my lens and filters are dry.

The cloud formations and light presented a perfect package that morning as you can see the water is almost painted with colour.

Using filters is a big facilitator as it introduces interesting patterns and dynamics.

To me, landscape photography is about discovering what people like, exchanging life stories with the public and to rest in the moment of total tranquility!

Thank you for liking my work!

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