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Meeting Place!

As I was discovering new angles and interesting perceptions of Mt Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand, I stood in awe and wonder as I came across this inspirational interception of mountains.

I named it the ‘meeting place’, where two distinct mountain ranges come together, it immediately draws your attention to a magnificent landscape, created by God.

It almost took my breath away with the light touch the fog, softly dissipating in the distance.

The picture is striking due to the intense colours, beautifully blended with warm and cool as a contrast!

This is the reason I am passionate about landscape photography.

As a landscape photographer, I have the privilege, as anyone does, of experiencing scintillating scenery that literally bursts with brilliant colours.

Listening to the river coursing downstream, witnessing colours and reflections that stop you in your tracks, and hearing melodious birdsong. It reminds me of the choices we make, quality over quantity!

Crouching with my tripod and camera in position, whilst clicking my camera button, I simply reflected on the wonder of nature.

I was reminded of how ‘small’ I really am, compared with the majestic mountains.

Landscape photography is personal, as it exposes me from the inside out.

Photographing from my heart and soul and not overloaded with technical information!

Thank you for liking my work!

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