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Recently I spent some time in South Island, New Zealand, on a photographic trip.

When I arrived at Diamond Lake, South Island, New Zealand, I stepped into the water, wearing my waders, whilst securing my camera on my tripod.

It was the most incredible experience. The beauty of the surrounding mountains, the reflections in the lake and the ducks, geese, swans and cygnets, is a sight I will remember for a long time to come.

Diamond Lake, is beyond description. It’s location is situated amongst fertile farmland and in short, it’s represents scenic splendour. A dusty, gravel road, winds ‘effortlessly’ around the countryside as it makes its way towards the mountains.

The conditions during my photoshoot were ideal. If ever there was a place on earth that represents paradise to me, Diamond Lake, New Zealand, is it!

My telephoto lens was used predominantly to emphasise the majesty of the mountains and to draw them closer to the lake.

As you can appreciate, with conditions such as I had, it was difficult to end my photoshoot after appreciating, almost mesmerising beauty.

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