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Looking forward!

What are you looking forward to this year?

The words we speak, we reap the harvest, whether constructive or destructive!

It could be, what you have today, you have spoken over your life for a considerable time!

If where you find yourself at present, is not what you are wanting, how about a shift in speaking positively over yourself and your circumstances?!

We become the person we believe we are created to be!

How you view yourself, is the perception you will have of the world around you!

Are you eating your words as humble pie?

Words wasted could result in wounded relationships.

Let us let go of the insults and injuries of the past and consider the consequences words and attitudes carry, and press towards being attentive to the needs of others.

If you desire mercy and love, be merciful and loving!

I am writing this message to myself as I regularly require a check up on my attitude!