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Look On The Bright Side!

I’m pleased I decided to do a sunrise photoshoot at Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia, this particular morning.

It is conveniently located and leaving home before sunrise, the traffic is minimal.

When I arrived at Wellington Point, low tide was due at 6.45am.

As a Landscape Photographer, capturing images that are impacting is important to me.

To achieve that goal, it is appropriate to be disciplined, passionate and dedicated.

With that, I stepped into my waders, and made my way across the muddy plains towards the incoming tide.

As the light of dawn bode farewell to the night sky, I immediately recognised with the appearance of the clouds above the water, it was going to be a special sunrise.

During this time, a photographer needs to be well equipped and prepared for whatever light conditions are going to present themselves.

It is a positive statement. Standing in the water, with the light before me was an incredible experience. The reflections of the clouds on the water were memorable.

My camera shutter release was very busy during this photoshoot and experimenting with various filters, to add interest.

Look to the light in every circumstance. Arise and shine and put your past behind you. Resist introducing your past into your present/future!

Thank you for liking my work!

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