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Living the Dream!

Today I am living my God- given dream and occupying its reality. Are you?

If not, who and what is attempting to hold you back?

Although, it wasn’t always that way for me.

At a mature age, I was gifted a camera for my Birthday. It changed my life.

Purpose will set you free, enabling you to walk into your God-given destiny!

We are all created by God on purpose for a purpose.

He wires us in a particular way to accomplish what He has birthed in us.

Procrastination, fear and anxiety kept me from pursuing my God-given purpose which is now my passionate purpose.

God created us to serve Him and His children with our gifts.

We are responsible to guide and lead others into fulfilling their destinies.

Fulfilment, peace and contentment is experienced when we facilitate, educate, equip and empower other people to grow into what is their calling.

Life is not about me. Today, we are bombarded by every facet of media that we ‘deserve’ what is being advertised.

Of course they want to market their merchandise, sometimes with a subtlety of manipulation. But it is also a spirit of entitlement.

Success is accomplished through discipline, dedication, passion and determination. Being fully focused on your God-given assignment/s.

That in itself is not an opportunity to avail oneself to elitism or selfishness.

Be the best you, you are created to be by denying the demands of your flesh, and at the appropriate time, dedicate yourself to facilitating the needs of others!

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Thank you for appreciating my work!